E&V Studios

An audio recording is a powerful tool. It allows you to share your work with prospective clients and show you at your best. Trying to make a good recording leaves you two options, go into a big, expensive studio and get a professional quality product or go into a small studio and make a demo.

E&V is a small studio with professional results. Our work can be heard in films, on TV, and on international recordings. We specialize in vocal and acoustic instrument recording, particularly in Broadway, Jazz and Classical music, but we work in may other genres as well.

On Location Recording:
E&V can provide onsite recording for small orchestral or choral ensembles.  Do you have a small ensemble you want to record? Do you have access to a church or a space where we can record? E&V can bring the studio to you.

For rates and any other questions contact us at: EandVEntertainment@gmail.com

Gear List:
Universal Audio Apollo Quad with Protools 12 System

Outboard Gear:
Dan Alexander Dual Channel Class A Preamp (Neve 1272 Preamp)
Tab-Funkenwerk V78M (Telefunken V72 Style Preamp)
Demeter VTMP-2B Dual Channel Tube Preamplifier
Solid State Logic Alpha Channel
ACMP-84 Channel Strip (Neve 1084 Style Preamp)

(2) Flexible Audio FleA 49 (M49B Replica w/K49)
(1) Neumann U87ai/TLM67
(1) Neumann TLM 170i
(1) BLUE Bottle Rocket Stage II
 -B0 (251), B4 (M50), B6 (C12), B7 (U47), (1) B8 (C414), B11 (U67)
   Bottle Caps
(1) BLUE Woodpecker Active Ribbon Microphone
(1) Altec Lansing 639A (Birdcage) Ribbon Microphone
(2) Audio Technica AT3525
(1) Shure Super 55
(2) Shure SM58
(1) Shure SM57

Sample Libraries:
East West Goliath
East West Gypsy
East West Solo Violin
East West Hollywood Strings Diamond
East West Hollywood Brass Diamond
East West Hollywood Woodwinds Diamond
East West Hollywood Percussion Diamond
Native Instruments Session Horns Pro
Waves Grand Rhapsody Piano
Ivy Audio Piano in 162

Featured Plugins:
UAD Neve Unison Preamp
UAD Neve 1073 with Unison Preamp
UAD Neve 88RS with Unison Preamp
UAD SSL 4000 E Channel with Unison Preamp
UAD 610 A&B with Unison Preamp
UAD Analog Classics Pro Bundle
UAD Studer A800 Tape Recorder
UAD Summit Audio TLA-100A Compressor
UAD Teletronix LA2A Collection
Slate Everything Bundle
Slate FX-G
Waves Kramer Tape Machine
Celemony Melodyne 4 Studio
Antares Mic Mod EFX
IK Multimedia T-Racks Mic Room

Looking for an orchestration? If you can provide a MIDI file, we can create the orchestration for you:

Vocals recorded to prerecorded tracks:

"E & V helped me record projects of the highest professional quality! I have booked three jobs on the strength of the work done behind Vincent's mic! The experience was so positive, professional, and energetic that I came back to record narrations for JEKYLL & HYDE, which have now been featured in two productions! "

-Michael Padgett, Actor/Singer

Luminous Sounds String Quartet

We can even take a small ensemble and make them sound like a full string section.

Live Small Ensemble Recording. Easter Vigil 2014 at the Church of Saint Monica in New York City.

Professional Voice Over Work:

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